Thursday, July 06, 2006


GLYNCOCH Communities First Partnership have their own web site hosted by shape-it. To see what's happening at GCF just click on the link.


S EDMUNDS said...

I would like to know why the people of coed-y-cwm are not classed as being part of our community.Do they not send their children to school in Glyncoch or use the shops,post office,community centre for there fruit and veg. What more do they need to do to become welcome.I know it is only a minority of glyncoch who class it as them and us however after the success of the festival (most of the organising done by a coed-y-cwm lady)I believe now more than ever that the community includes coed-y-cwm.

Bato said...

It is not just people in Glyncoch who refer to them and us. I know people in Coed-y-Cwm who vehemently and vociferously deny that they are anything to do with Glyncoch. Unfortunately this is not helped by the anomalies some of the official and quasi-official structures. For Example for PACT purposes, Coed-y-Cwm is part of the Glyncoch area. So far as the Ponty Observer is concerned it is grouped with Ynysybwl and therefore has a different correspondent to Glyncoch. I believe (though I admit to not being sure)that the Glyncoch local government ward does not include Coed-y-Cwm, and that is why it falls outside the Communities First area.