Monday, July 17, 2006


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On a glorious day last Saturday, the people of Glyncoch got together to celebrate the diversity of the culture in which we live. Thanks to the hard work of the PTA at Craig-yr-Hesg, the dedication of the teachers, parents and especially the children at both schools, we were treated to an explosion of colour, an absolute riot of sound and some of the best fun we've had in a long time. Of course there was a serious side to all this too. We were also taught in an extremely pleasant way that racism is stupid and the result of ignorance and fear.


Sam Turner said...

It was a lovely day and the sun was shinning on Glyncoch. I would like to thank all those that helped with the festival and everyone who came to support it.
My biggest THANKS has to go to the children because they were fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

Bato said...

I couldn't agree more. And it should be said that Sam worked harder than anyone to make this day the success that it was.
Thanks Sam

A E DAVIES said...

Can I just say that the day was brilliant and what a joy it was to see the community come together. Although I am not sure singling out individuals for praise is the way to go with such events, I would add my commendation to Communities First team, staff and teachers at Cefn Primary school, the Timebankers and the Glyncoch Community Centre all of whom ontributed greatly.

Bato said...

I agree that there were more people involved than a few individuals and I will be expanding on this in a new posting soon. Nonetheless Sam was the driving force behind so much of what was good on the day.

welshhoney said...

the kids were brilliant and it just goes to show that when the community needs to come together it will and it shows that glyncoch is not all bad