Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I visited granddad down on his farm,

And at once I noticed with some alarm,

That one of his pigs, an old sow called Peg

Appeared to be missing one of her legs.

I said to my granddad, "Bampy" says I

"See that old sow- over there by the sty,

She's got just three legs, it ought to be four."

Well Granddad was angry, He let out a roar.

"If you don't like that pig then you are a fool-

"Last week your cousin fell in the cesspool.

"Well up jumped old Peg and in she did dive

"And thanks to that pig, young Fred's still alive."

I said "No doubt she's great and medals will adorn her

"But Bamps, she should have a leg at each corner."

Said granddad "Young Paul. Don't call me a liar!

"If it wasn't for Peg, your gran would have died in a fire.

"Peg smelt the smoke and dragged gran from her bed.

"If it wasn't for Peggy your gran would be dead."

I said "Granddad, Please, Why won't you listen?

"That heroic pig has got a leg missing."

Granddad moaned "I'm ashamed, you're letting me down.

"Really young Paul, you've lived too long in town.

"My dear Grandson, you've become a dunce.

"You don't eat a good pig like that all at once."

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BariaBlog said...

AN oldie but it made me smile

Anonymous said...

Funny surprise ending:)

Michelle said...

evil Granddad!

I actually came here to find out where Glyncoch is.
How do you pronounce that?
I'm Southern African now living in Northern Scotland so I'm slowly and painfully finding my verbal way around Gaelic and Viking names up here! My husband (Highlander) thinks it's funny.

I got my own revenge though.. I got him to say Potschefstroom out loud when we drove through it in South Africa, :-D

Nice blog. I like the poems.