Wednesday, April 11, 2007


When mostof us have had our fun
And the next day's rest has just begun
Into the club, march Sue and her mob.
They scrub and they polish, for that is their job.

But they also pick up the food that's been tipped
And they deal with the furnishings that have been ripped.
They clean up the shit and they clean up the spew
I wouldn't do it! Tell me truly- Would You?
And do Sue and her gang earn mighty wages?
Of course they do! they have done for ages!
But, what these girls earn, and the pay they receive
Are just not related. I don't wish to deceive.
So all of us members should be grateful to Sue
And show some respect for her and her crew.
If you spill someone's pint, you buy them a beer.
Never one for the cleaner, isn't that queer?
She's the person who will clear up your mess
Yet none of us think we should offer redress.
So the least we can do, if we're to call ourselves men
Is to show them some gratitude, now and again.


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