Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Glyncoch Rugby Club and Glyncoch Community Centre got together last weekend to host a very special day to raise funds for Gareth (Snid) Jones’ family folllowing his horrific injuries playing for Neath against Cardiff in April. Despite the weather, hundreds turned up at the Rugby Club field to support a ladies’ rugby match, between the Centre and the Club, and a 5-a-side football tournament featuring rugby players from all over the valleys. A raffle was held, with top prize of a tumble drier, and signed rugby and football shirts were auctioned.

The rugby match finished in a draw and “man of the match” was number 9 whose shirt announced that she was “Snid”. The football tournament was hard fought, leading to a semi-final defeat for Buttons’ Boys by the Ponty backs and by Max’s Marvels by Snid’s Babes (A) from Beddau. The final champions were, appropriately, Snid’s Babes (A).

While everyone who attended on the day had great fun, the purpose of the day was to raise money and show Glyncoch’s respect for Snid. Right from the start the latter was obvious- everywhere you looked shirts emblazoned with number 9 and Snid’s name were apparent. So far as fundraising was concerned. Glyncoch once again demonstrated that there is no village more generous; the raffle alone raised over a thousand pounds, the barbecue made over £500, and everyone dug really deep at the auction, raising close to £2000. Other items that had been donated will go forward to an auction to be held at Pontypridd Rugby Club at a later date.

Gareth’s father Dai Jones said that the family were “overwhelmed by the level of support” and asked the Observer to thank everyone that turned up on the day, and with special thanks to Jackie and the Committee from the Community centre, and Ali, Dai Brillo, John Mansfield and the barstaff from the Rugby Club for all the hard work they put in to make this day such a great success. He also said “Of course it’s sad that this day was necessary at all, and we would rather it hadn’t been.” A sentiment echoed by all of us

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Anonymous said...

rest in peace snid. thinking about you mate.