Monday, March 03, 2008


Recycling queen, Hannah Gulwell (Right) will be chairing a meeting of the Glyncoch Green and Friendly Action (GAFA) group, next Monday (March 10) at 6pm in the Christian Fellowship Church on Garth Avenue. If you have anything to say about making Glyncoch a greener safer place to live, this is your chance, all are welcome.

On the subject of the environment (any excuse to have a rant), I see the bus fares have gone up again. At a time when the government is asking us to reduce our carbon footprint, it is totally unreasonable to expect people to pay £3.65 for a 4 mile round trip. Compare this with a fare of £3.50 Return to travel from Pontypridd to Cardiff. I realise that the discrepancy is due to the varying subsidies paid by the Local Authorities, but if RCT is serious about protecting the environment, they need to increase their subsidies on these basic journeys.

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