Wednesday, June 13, 2007


THIS Month’s meeting of PACT (Partnerships and Communities Together) was held at the Community Centre to discuss issues of concern to the people of Glyncoch and Coed-y-Cwm. Last month’s priorities were discussed, and it was agreed that increased police patrols and better awareness by the bus companies has led to a radical decrease in the annoyance caused by young people waiting for school buses on Cefn Lane. It was also agreed that the community Centre is suffering far less aggravation than it had been. It was therefore agreed that these two priorities have been dealt with adequately for now. The third priority for May was the annoyance being caused to residents of Lower Garth Avenue by youths playing football in the street. PCSO Helena James explained to the meeting that a number of ASBO referrals have been made and footballs have been confiscated; in addition the Local Authority has put up signs informing people that no ball games should be played in the area. Despite all this, the problems continue. Councillor Judith Burford was quite vociferous in speaking up for her constituents, and informed the meeting that she has spoken to Chief Superintendent Farrar about the matter. Helena informed the committee that a street meeting (the first in the South Wales Police area) had been arranged for the Thursday evening to discuss the problems, and invited Councillor Burford to attend. It was agreed that this item should remain a PACT priority for the month of June. Various other items of concern were considered, including a problem with wheelie bins being stolen from all over the estate, and the youth problems in Coed-y-Cwm. Helena agreed to arrange a PACT meeting for Coed-y-Cwm residents, separate from either Ynysybwl or Glyncoch, because of the odd geographical position of the estate.

It was agreed that annoyance at Craig-yr Hesg Primary School should be a priority for June after Head Maggie Hudson explained the cost of protecting the building from vandalism; she has recently had to spend over £1000 on defensive measures- money that should be spent on books and education. The third priority for June is controlling vehicle annoyance. Recently, almost a dozen scrambler motorcycles and 4 cars have been seized in an operation to reduce anti-social vehicle use. Each time a vehicle is seized, the owner has to pay £105 to release it and £12/day for storage. The next PACT meeting will be held in the Community Centre at 6 pm on July 2.

The only way that PACT can work is if the whole community gets involved. If you see any antisocial behaviour in the village, ring 01656 655 555l; if the incident is one of the PACT priorities, let the person you are speaking to know. You can also contact the Community Police team for the area by ringing 01443 485351 and asking for extension 40320.

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Anonymous said...

What a great bunch of boys. They really are thoughtful and have helped James parents through a very stressfull time.Thanks to all of you.
It is nice to know that james was well thought of amongst his friends
and will not be forgotten.
from James`s aunt