Monday, March 19, 2007


AFTER a long drawn out investigation, Clive Mitchell has finally been exonerated.

The entire membership will be glad to see him back behind the bar of the Social Club where he belongs.
At Sunday's AGM it was revealed that he has been the victim of almost two decades of mismanagement by the Club committee. I readily hold up my hands and say that I was one of the people responsible for the catalogue of errors that so nearly led to the demise of the best steward in the valleys.


Anonymous said...

Well done, about time too!

David said...

The committee have finally admitted that this whole debacle was their fault. I suppose we should give them some credit for owning up, even if iy has taken them 17 years

Anonymous said...

Congratulasions Clive. itll be good to see you back in the club

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Sir Clive Mitch!!!
The club just wasn't the same without you x

Dean Youg x

Bato said...

I have removed another potentially libelous comment from this posting; partly because the person posting it, didn't have the guts to put his/her name to it. This leaves me liable for his/her cowardice.

welshman said...

well as i sit here in the usa i must say i do miss the boys and clives warm beer ( with no head of course)im glad clive is back where he belongs and i look forward to have a warm pint with him again ( although he never pays for a round)

welcome back clive
all the best

brian hale