Tuesday, August 22, 2006


ALF’S bicycle ride for Cancer Research Wales’ Million Mile Challenge led to an amazing display of fun and generosity at the Social Club recently. Other events on the day included a skittles competition, a golf ball chipping competition, karaoke, a raffle and a quiz. Donna Lewis’ “Flowers of Venus” won the quiz and immediately donated their prize money to the Charity. People who deserve special mention include Liz and Chris Richards-MC for the day and musical impresario respectively, Rob Cox- who had his chest “waxed” with gaffer tape, Laura Cox and Mel Forward- who ran the darts competition, Terry Mahoney and Neil Mitchell- the village’s most inept golfers, Tricia Fry- who didn’t let a mere detail like a broken leg slow her down, Lynette Webb- who dyed her hair pink, Sam Trask- who finally had a haircut and Maggie Mahoney who worked tirelessly all day selling raffle tickets and generally running around making sure the day was a success. The auction raised £164, which included £30.00 for two hand made dolls from a telephone bidder. The total raised on the day topped £1000, meaning that members of the Social Club have donated over £2500 to Cancer Research Wales in the last couple of months.

This is just some of the team from Glyncoch Social Club that helped to raise over a thousand pounds during the recent Activity Day for Cancer Research Wales' "Million Mile Challenge".

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